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In the cover of the night, Luna makes her usual journey to the Castle of the Two Sisters, infiltrating the location to honor her fallen sister. However, things to all go according to plan when she is confronted by an unexpected visitor. As it turns out, this visitor is no stranger to Luna...

Heavily inspired by the Overwatch "Dragons" animation. A recommended watch if you haven't seen it already!

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Lightning is far from the average student at CHS. He is the top of his class, by a significant margin, and aside from his best friend Sunset Shimmer, he is a complete social outcast, almost completely incapable of holding any form of conversation with anyone who isn't a teacher. But all of that changes after an incident at a school field trip. Or, so he thought. Turns out having powers doesn't really change your social status if no one knows about them, nor does it really make it easier to talk to the pretty girl from English class. But as major threats start to rise in Canterlot City, Lightning realizes that someone has to stand up to them. As a great man once said, with great power comes great responsibility.

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Lightning is just your average nerd. An average nerd with an undeniable love for basketball. Back at his old school, we has a star basketball player for the team. But that was at his old school. Now, here at Canterlot High, he has to climb his way up the ranks from the bottom. He meets plenty of friends among the way and who knows, maybe even a potential love interest? Naturally, as he makes friends, he also makes enemies. But surely petty high school rivalries won't get in the way of greatness, right?

(Yes, I personally made the awful cover art used for this story. Problem?)

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Flare was just hanging out at Lightning's house, eating pizza and playing Portal 2 and stuff. Nothing unusual. Until a storm occurs out of the blue and she is unable to go home. Of course, they both have... feelings for one other, and spending the night together can either make them or break them...

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Lightning loves his marefriend Flare Drop very much. And after a 3 year relationship, he feels he's ready to marry her. He only hopes that she feels the same way. However things go, it will be a night to remember...

-Although we are no longer dating, this story is still dedicated to Fluffysam, because yEs.
Cover art made by Fluffy herself! lol

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They say good things can be found at the end of a rainbow. I just happened to he hit in the face by one. Turns out it was a pretty cool rainbow colored pony. She shows me around and we start hanging out and stuff. Next thing we know we're friends and maybe a little more...

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