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Flare was just hanging out at Lightning's house, eating pizza and playing Portal 2 and stuff. Nothing unusual. Until a storm occurs out of the blue and she is unable to go home. Of course, they both have... feelings for one other, and spending the night together can either make them or break them...

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Lightning loves his marefriend Flare Drop very much. And after a 3 year relationship, he feels he's ready to marry her. He only hopes that she feels the same way. However things go, it will be a night to remember...

-Dedicated to my girlfriend, Fluffysam.
Cover art made by Fluffy herself! lol

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They say good things can be found at the end of a rainbow. I just happened to he hit in the face by one. Turns out it was a pretty cool rainbow colored pony. She shows me around and we start hanging out and stuff. Next thing we know we're friends and maybe a little more...

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