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Damascus Seraph

My favorite things are Good fanfics, Roman Empire, Historical Warfare, Tactics, And Dragons. Ya cant forget the dragons!

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Upon Nightmare Moons glorious return, She defeated the weak Pretender Celestia, and assumed Control of equestria. Building it back up to its powerful state. And conquering the world under an iron hoof. Enslaving half the races and with others being below ponies. With a strict caste system in place. Nobody is truly free. But after the last shred of resistance was stamped out. With no new conquests, Empress Nightmare Moon grew bored, and angry. She ordered the construction of a massive magical arena in the very heart of canterlot's mountain. Thousands of slaves died for its construction so that the greatest gladiatorial games can be held.

This is where it all started. A young Man and a small tribe of various creatures hiding in the forest. Only to be discovered and taken to the arena for death. Or. So they thought...

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Damascus is a hybrid. Of a changeling and a dragon. Born into a time of conquest for equestria. and living in an unjust society where the rich nobles profit off the backs of the poor and conquered. With a personal vendetta against one noble in particular. He plants to make a statement. But not with words, as those are so often ignored. But with something nobody can ignore.

A bullet to the skull.

A One shot (Heh) Story. Featuring my personal OC as the main character. Enjoy.

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A human army marches into equestria, Causing a rapid response from the equestrian garrisons and levies. Both armies march towards eachother. Towards a Point known as White River...

(A short battle story, dont expect any 'worldbuilding' or character building. Just tactics and blood)
(Expect a semi realistic approach to magic combined with late medieval combat.)
(Ponies are NOT anthro.)

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