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The story takes place in a dystopian earth, where magic and technology coexist with each other. Ten years before the events of the story, a young woman named Sunset Shimmer unleashed magic from her former world and changed the whole course of the world forever. Humans began to exhibit unique magical abilities dubbed “Meta”.

Fast forward to the present, Sunset Shimmer, now known as the Lord of Calamity, has vanished. Magic is now used as an energy source for technology. With the combination of the two, weapons were made to fight against these creatures and the impending return of the Lord of Calamity.

Vinyl Scratch, a rebellious and carefree freerunner on the roofs of Neo Canterlot, finds herself in a dilemma when a newly spawned evil known as Nightmare Moon suddenly announces a tournament that awakens her true destiny. With a team of unlikely individuals, she embarks on a quest to rid of the evil that Sunset Shimmer brought to the world.

Cover Art done by yours truly. (Click here for Full Image)
Proofread and edited by Jarvy Jared
This story is an alternate take of the PomE universe. The OC's belong to authors of PomE, please read their stories. (Click here for more info.)

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This story is a sequel to "Wub" Me Like You Do

Meet Gaige, a geeky, vulgar, and weird introverted girl who would rather have a robot as a companion than having relations with other people. After a freak accident caused by her invention, she transfers to Canterlot High in order to start a fresh new life as a teenager.

But little did she know, her whole life drastically changes when she meets a trouble making boy named Flash Sentry, who immediately takes interest in her after helping him out. Slowly, their friendship begins to progress, and she discovers that she sees Flash as more than just a friend. As two previously unsocial beings, together they explore the true nature of their relationship and emotions towards each other and other people.

Cover art done by me

For more info about the PomE Universe, click here!

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Never underestimate the stupidity of idiots!

Having to move to Canterlot because of something his dad committed, Treble Mix has to start over with his highschool life in Canterlot High. With his crazy, obnoxious, deranged and loud mouthed personality, he quickly makes a name in the school as a nuisance.

However, aside from having such a bombastic personality, he begins to have a soft spot for a certain girl: Vinyl Scratch, Canterlot High's resident DJ with a rebellious attitude. With his new found love, Treble tries to get "Vinyl-Senpai" to notice him and share his love with her. The question is, can Vinyl handle his non-stop talking and excessive 4th wall breaking?

Cover Art made by Snow_Bullet
Proofread by Xenophilius Kunandra

Inspired by the stories of these guys, who also brought this wonderful shared universe come to life:

BlueSun52, Zeroxdoom, BRyeMC, CogWing, Azure_Shadow, KillerRobotQuote, AC Punk and Fennyo.

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