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Wen the world says: "GIVE UP" hope whispers: "TRY IT ONE MORE TIME."


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welcom to my profile friends.

Hi and welcom to my profile im your typical person that loves to read stories and talk to others and i love romance and advantures stories and hope 1 day i well write my own stories so yea thats pretty much it :D (im not so good at making info/introduction about my selfe but hope you guys understand this thanks also im not so good at english so if your see errors of my spellings now you know why) <:(

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This is it guys · 12:11pm June 15th

Im now leaveing home and going to the AirPort so have you all a Nice summer and cya all back in August :fluttercry::twilightsmile: *big hugs*

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Thanks for the fave of The Truth About Girls :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fav on Odium, glad you enjoy it ^^

Hello dark one, I'm quite happy to meet at last.

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