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Spike’s been adjusting well to having a castle as his new home. Initially, he thought that things would remain exactly the way they always were, only, the box had given them seven chairs instead of just six. Each of them bore the mark of the Elements, whereas the seventh remained bare, was much smaller and was positioned right next to Twilight’s. It seemed that Spike had finally been recognized and given a place within the group, but what exactly did that signify?

He hadn’t used a key and most certainly wasn’t one of the Elements. While Twilight and the rest were all established as Equestria’s best line of defense, the most Spike had ever accomplished was getting lucky against King Sombra. Although being presented with a new position of power, he was still plagued with doubt. Spike’s thoughts were nervous at the best of times and extremely self-doubting at the worst.

Still entirely unsure of his position amongst his friends, he gets paid a visit from the future by a pony who carries a grave warning for the past. Only Spike may save the future, but at what cost?

And just what dangers does the future hold?

Many thanks to my editor: Drgnwolf

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Shao Kahn Emperor of Outworld has failed yet again in taking earth realm, and so he has set his sights on a realm that couldn't possibly defend its self. The Elder gods have been notified and the tournament lines are drawn, but will the realm of Equestria be more of a challenge then first thought? Leaving behined the honored traditions of Mortal Kombat and bitting off more then they could chew were going into.


Logo art by Kyute-Kitsune

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The Doctor and his companions go on an adventure to the far future to the distant Lunar Republic. but the longer they stay the more things are not as they seem. from a dying apple orchard to an old foe that refuses to act the way it should.

It's a grand mystery down in Luna's republic, and something is very wrong. Can the Doctor and the mane six save the city before time runs out, or will this mystery be the death of them of all?

Episode 1: The Hour Of Twilight.

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The Doctor's eleventh regeneration has given him a new persona and pegasus wings. As his TARDIS lands in a panicked Ponyville, The Doctor must help Twilight Sparkle and her friends investigate why the sky is falling over equestria.

The first episode of an entire season of Doctor Whooves. Episodes will be posted in four chapter segments with a link to the next episode at the end of the fourth chapter.

(Do to changes in the up coming chapters the Dark and gore tags have been removed)

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