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I write stories because I enjoy them. I want to do better and am willing to take any advice to improve.


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New Origins - Lighttone Gryphonstar

Name: Lighttone Gryphonstar

Species: Sentient Lion.

Description: Gray coat and a dark green and light purple mane. His eyes are a gray and black.

Common Appearance: He wears a navy blue cowboy hat, a navy blue steampunk long trench coat. Under the coat he wore a dark purple vest with a maroon tie over a dark green dress shirt, and pair of dark green pants. He wears a red metal right hand and a left-handed gold and black rapier with a cobra head symbol and his left side hidden in his coat. As well as wears a pair of red iron toe boots

Personality: Wise, yet funny. A bit insane. Very Stubborn.

Background: Has been alive for many millenniums. He once worked alongside Celestia and Luna’s grandfather King Heavonos in defeating the Three Titans of Power. After years working with ponies, Lighttone found love in a fiery alicorn named Firera Burningstar. They were to be wed, but on the wedding both Lighttone and Firera were cursed with a bound immortality by one of the followers of Ra, one of the titans that him and King Heavonos slain. Their immortality would last for as long as the Sun.

Where is he now: After living much more millenniums than planned, he and Firera have lived through many historical events. Nowadays, Lighttone is a writer while Firera, hiding herself as a unicorn is the chief of a reporting crew.

Quote: "Bloody hell, I haven't seen something like this since (Insert random historical event)."


Bonus: I now have a patreon page. Come over check out the rewards you can get.


Full Chapter List for Twilily Saga: Past, Present, Or Damnation./ Updates on how to get chapters earlier. · 3:01pm May 3rd

Hello everypony, I am here to give a full chapter list for Twilily Saga: Past, Present, Or Damnation. Each chapter that has not been released will be covered with a spoiler so nothing gets ruined and each one will even have to word count beside them as a little bonus. Plus keep an eye out at the bottom for info on how to get chapters earlier than everypony else.

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War Anthologies Part 0.5 - List of War Anthologies · 12:42pm Aug 9th, 2016

This will be on the main page at all times. But here is a list of the War Anthologies. They will also have links once they get done. Plus each one will stay in a Spoiler Block until they are written. The first one as I said yesterday in the explanations blog will be out today so I'll go ahead and leave it uncovered(I'll post it in a few minutes).

War Anthologies Part 1 - The First Alicorn War - The Wrath Of Grogar.

War Anthologies Part 2 - The Second Alicorn War - Creation Of The Changelings.

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Endless Time, Or Forever End is back. And the new Twilily Saga. · 12:24pm Apr 7th, 2016

I'm bringing it back my friends. Now full restore and remastered. New scenes and better lay out story. Better descriptions and new look. I decided to do one chapter a week instead of two. But I will go ahead and release two chapters this week. Today I'll release the first chapter and tomorrow I'll release the next chapter.


Now on to the new saga called, the Twilily Saga. It's seven stories base around Twilight and the real reason that Celestia chose her. The lies and the truths. All will be revealed in this saga. The seven stories will very in length. I'll try my best to not make them to long. Down below are the stories.

Endless Time, Or Forever End.

Past, Present, Or Damnation.

Eternity, Or Madness.

Hope, Or Despair.

Love, Or Duty.

Remember, Or Forget.

Nightmares, Or Reality.

Top 5 Favorites (The Best of The Best)

  • ‘Til Sunday Do Us Part Rarity has an awful idea: marry Spike for the weekend to gain entrance into an ultra-exclusive club for socialite couples. Spike has a brilliant idea: go along with it. by BlazzingInferno 19,075 words · 3,453 views · 386 likes · 15 dislikes
  • Lingering Shadows Love can be one of the most powerful forces in the world...but it's also a deadly, sweet poison, as Princess Luna is about to learn... by Yoru-the-Rogue 36,910 words · 5,919 views · 429 likes · 13 dislikes
  • Before the Dawn When two unlikely ponies, Luna and Sombra, meet beneath the silver moon, will their love be everlasting, or will the darkness lurking in the Crystal Empire succeed in destroying them? by SilverMuse 102,232 words · 2,673 views · 95 likes · 6 dislikes
  • On Pins and Needles Spike would do anything to stay near Rarity, to spend time with her. Even, it seems, suffer pain... by The Descendant 16,879 words · 6,982 views · 519 likes · 10 dislikes
  • Princess of Friendship After Twilight’s stream of successes, she’s confident that nothing can go wrong. Is she due for a lesson? by Bad Dragon 5,368 words · 4,146 views · 231 likes · 34 dislikes

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2426186 Glad we got the bad stories out of the way :pinkiehappy: Good luck.

2426185 Well, I can understand having a bad story. One of my oldest stories Rarity's Secret Santa is my worst written story and yet it still stand as one of my highest rated stories(Actaully it sat at number one for the longest time until Twilily Saga: Past, Present, Or Damnation final knocked it down a peg). But as long as I can read it, I'll find some enjoyment out of it. I won't judge your work for this one on the same reason I wouldn't want you to judge on my worst either.

I hope you enjoy the stories I pointed out and would love to see a comment from you on them, especailly given you being a fan of Grogar.

2425931 Thanks! Oh, I see you put Nightmare Rarity (my story, not the official comic) in your Read it Later. Look, take an advice from me and DON'T read that story! I was pretty new to writing and inexperienced when I wrote it, so I don't recommend reading it :twilightsheepish:

2425921 In The Reason For A Name and Twilily Saga: Past Present, Or Damnation.

I recommend reading Twilily Saga: Past, Present, Or Damnation first because there are fewer mistakes in it and he has a much bigger roles. Meanwhile, in The Reason For A Name, he only gets one small talking role.

Comment posted by Henry101 deleted April 7th
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