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A wise brony who is naturally deep metaphorically in science, literature, philosophy and comically. I'm a fast reader and available to be a proofreader. My library is available for anyone.


Hey I'm back, do you miss me?! · 6:22am Wednesday

Oh well, since no one cares, I better go back into my shell then

I'm publishing a story soon, just FYI, no further comments



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2439636 :rainbowlaugh: Don't push me, I'm quite a back stabber.

Let's see if yet another one of my comments gets deleted:derpytongue2:

2437596 :twilightangry2:This still isn't private messaging, literally everyone could see what's happening here. That's why I want us to take this cat fight back into the private messaging where we could have a little 'talk'

  • Viewing 38 - 42 of 42
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