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I like to read about pones.

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2225890 I'm glad you enjoyed Hunting Season and Twilight's Thrones too! And so forth and so on. :)

2225890 I try to be polite. :) Basically, uh... the only story I have up that doesn't have hyper/amazon is I Know How the Craved Bird Sings. While they're marked incomplete, each part of Twilight's Thrones is more or less complete in and of itself with a bit of framing device to link them. Macromantic Gestures is separated by arcs, and the current one is quite complete. Hunting Season is more along the lines of a serial, and ranges from minor 7' amazons, to Celly, Queen of the Buff, at 10'8". :)

2224944 Thank you! I didn't expect you to message me from faving your story. n__n
I really did like it, and there aren't enough hyper/amazon muscle stories, I look forward to any others you might do.

Thank you for your interest in Nurse Appreciation, Every Day!

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