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I like writing, playing video games, sword fighting and ancient mythology. Oh, and let's not forget, I like MLP too ~_^


Update Regarding the Mirror of Worlds story, myself and Meadow_Dawn... · 6:31am Jun 12th, 2018

I don't want to be too long winded, but I feel those of you that still follow me and my Characters should be made aware of a major change... As of this point onwards, myself and Meadow_Dawn are No Longer Affiliated With Each Other. The reasons for this are our own and at this time I feel no more needs be said on the “Why” this has happened. It has, that's all that matters. Any further content made by Meadow_Dawn with my characters (Silver Wing, Sky Flare, the Guild and its members, etc) is done

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Still slow going, but getting better. · 6:35am Mar 14th, 2018

Life is still a circus for me, what with my Wife having up and taken off to another country and left me to clean up everything in her wake, but works going good at least! XD And with it, some rough form of a schedule can be made. This bit of an improvement has allowed me the time to get writing again, so expect even more of MoW's soon! ^_^

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Slow but not dead · 10:58pm Nov 24th, 2017

Hey all, just a short little update about my slow posts this last bit, and their unfortunate continuation. I'll be trying to post a chapter a month, but I'm not having the most time or brain power to write right now. Long story short, my Wife is Divorcing me, so I've got a lot on my plate right now with packing, moving, and job hunting. I will still be working on things when I can though, and when my life is back on track, you can expect more frequent posts again. Sorry for the delays, and I

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A Note Regarding the Timeline of the Mirror of Worlds Story. · 4:23pm Mar 21st, 2017

In light of recent events in the My Little Pony Universe, and at the suggestion of friends, I have decided to make this announcement. As the Plot, Characters, and core Story of “the Mirror of Worlds” was created in the middle of Season 5, long before seasons 6 or 7 were ever even announced, I feel I should state that the events in this story take place before the release of Season 6. Some events in the Mirror of Worlds story will deviate Heavily from the Lore and Events portrayed in these

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Pictures of Silver Wing and Sky Flare? Gasp! · 1:33pm Mar 17th, 2017

So, it's taken me a while but I've finally gotten around to posting some of the fan art my awesome friends have gotten commissioned for me over the years...

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Just a quick life update~ · 9:29pm Jan 30th, 2017

Hey all, I try my best to get a Chapter out at the end of each month but life has been really hectic these past few months… Between issues with our dogs, my Grandmother passing, and then the usual assortment of relatives over Christmas break, I've just not had any time to myself. But, I am back in the saddle now so to speak, so expect more Mirror of Worlds soon!

(And maybe a Lemon or two depending : P)

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Update Regarding Mirror of Worlds · 2:04pm Sep 10th, 2016

Hello all, this is a bit of a major update for the "Mirror of Worlds" Story that many of you have come to enjoy...

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