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Happy Memorial Day! · 5:57pm May 27th

Hello hello, I know its a long time no... blog but today I thought since not only because I posted the new chapter of my story, but because it is Memorial day in the states, I would make a short blog.

So, first off, as the title says, have a happy Memorial Day and, if you're like me, enjoy the last day before your final exams you have off! Today is a day to remember of all those who have fallen in defense of the freedom and liberty we all should cherish! Lest We Forget!

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AND I STILL LIVE! · 2:18am January 24th

Yes, yes I know I might have seemed dead for a long time but I returned from the depths of high school to say that the time does not strike where the reaper takes me!

Hold faith, your light in shining darkness is still here!

And by the will of Sigmar I shall be more active!

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*Very simple update* · 10:31pm Mar 21st, 2018

I'm not dead and neither is the story I'm writing for anyone that cares. That is all---- Headsplit

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