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Fame Doesn't Equal Quality · 8:43am Dec 29th, 2016

I have about 50 stories on my "read it later" library shelf. When I feel the need to read I tend to either search by word count (if I'm very limited by time) or by likes. There are a lot of stories that I realize are ridiculously popular by merit of being "classic" and that have been around since forever. Or they have spawned their own section of stories based off an alternate universe or maybe a single character.

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Taking Recommendations · 7:47am Aug 25th, 2015

I tend to read a lot from my phone and iPad. Luckily this here website lets you download an entire fanfic in epub format which ends up directly in my ebook app. I'm usually reading two stories at any given time. One on my ipad and one on my iphone, literally dependent on whichever I have in my hand at any particular time.
So if you want to recommend something, message me and let me know!
Here's my guidelines:

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