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Coming Spring · 8:09pm Mar 24th, 2019

Greetings to one and all, This is McCoda with finally more updates.

As promised, the third act of Render Unto Twilight is coming and the next real instalment chapter is mostly ready. Just has to get proof read and maybe get a few extra tweaks. But overall, it's coming and will get posted in the next few weeks at most. Again, apologies for the lateness, I'm in the middle of a bigger writing project in IRL that finally is also underway.

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I meant for me to share with you only., and thats fine.

I'm only familiar with the toys, not the actual lore or story or Bionicle Gen 1.

I don't mind that you use Landfall for a crossover. The only thing I'll ask is that you make it clear to your readers that this isn't an official collaboration. I want my story to follow EaW and Escalation 84 canon, even if I follow it a bit loosely myself for story purposes. Giant robots is a bit too left field for me to make it part of my own head-canon.

If you still want me to look over your material, I'd be happy to read it and give my thoughts.

I hope this answer works for you. Use Landfall as much as you want, just make it clear that your work and mine are two distinct head-canons.

The reason for my question is because I'm writing a what if that crosses over with Landfall from my Bionicle OC's view with some funny moments, which I can PM you if you want to read what I wrote.

Question; How familiar are you with G1 Bionicle?

Are still working on render unto twilight?

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