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Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my fanfics, which I put a lot of effort into. If you hate fluttercord, beware!

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It's Hearts and Hooves Day, and Discord's heart is just fluttering with affection for a certain pink haired pegasus (No pun intended). He does try asking her that special question, but is surprisingly too shy to ask, even with his snarky attitude, because he fears if she says no it will ruin their friendship. But the most important question is: does Fluttershy feel the same way?

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After a run in with Soarin at Sweet Apple Acres, Soarin and Rainbow Dash get to know each other and find they have more in common than they think they do. All the while, RD is playing it cool while Soarin begins to realize he has feelings for the rainbow maned pegasus. Is this meant to be?

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This is the story of Nightmare Moon and Celestia, which is not completely show- accurate, as I made a lot of changes to the story itself. It explores Luna and Celestia's relationship as sisters before Luna was banished.

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Note: I put the entire story into one chapter so the chapters would not be so short!

I remember how I loved causing chaos as a young draconequus. Chaos is fun, what can I say? I loved

the feeling of being a puppet master, pulling at the strings of other ponies.

One day, while I was up in a tree making it rain chocolate milk on two little fillies, a voice, very delicate

and deep, almost made me jump out of my skin.

"Why are you up here?"

I turned around, startled. There, sitting on the same branch as I, was the most beautiful pony I had

ever seen, with a sleek white coat, bright magenta eyes, and a lovely pink mane.

I didn't want her and I to be on bad terms, so I put my hands behind my back and quickly snapped my

fingers to make my chocolate milk cloud vanish. "N-nothing,' I sputtered, my eyes wide. She looked at me

closely. "You seem lonely. Would you like to play with my sister, Luna, and I?"

"Sure," I said, a little too enthusiastically.

"Wonderful! My name's Celestia."

"I'm Discord."

...End of preview.

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