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Just a guy who enjoys Xbox and Ponies, nothing strange here! Alternate posting site(which is my main one) Fanfiction.net Username Zamma21133. Also find me on Xbox Live! InsantiyDanity


New Project Coming Soon · 4:20am Aug 1st, 2017

Its been over a few weeks and I'm sorry that I said I would be posting a new chapter of The Fakeicorn soon. Life and new ideas have flooded my mind more so than inspiration for it. My mind will do that, jump from one thing to another. But because I've seriously gotten back into the Fallout series as well as Fallout: Equestria. Now I understand that my previous attempt(and first) at an FoE inspired story has been met with less than positive response, and I knew what I was getting into so you

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500 views · 2:07am Jul 15th, 2017

Don't know how many blogs I'll do as my schedule is forever changing. But I do want to give massive thanks to everyone who has supported my story The Fakeicorn. Its an honor to pick up 9 followers and the massive amount of likes and favorites from all of you. I feel much more motivated to write than I have in a long time. I'll try to take my time with my chapters now though so I can fix any major problems. But I can't thank you guys enough for reaching 500 views, 35 likes, 4 dislikes, and the

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