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Ceffyl Dwr

Oh, what a rush it is to be young and pure of heart.

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I'm a Welsh bloke who writes short stories, poetry and children's fiction, and now, I guess, pony-words too. I also have a current aside in video game-related poetry. Shut up, that's a thing!


Two · 10:55am June 5th

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2565451 I meant to follow you earlier, but I usually download to read, and sometimes forget. :facehoof:

Well, thank you kindly for deciding to follow me now. I appreciate it, and will do my best to be deserving of your attention. :twilightsmile:

2565113 Thanks, that's good to hear, though I figured it would increase as the deadline approaches. I'm hoping a good fraction of the followers enter, as I'd love to read those condensed and distilled snippets of story. It's a bit harder to write (for me at least) than it might appear.

4 entries is normal this long before the deadline. That number will double in the final few days.

And 2565099 reminded me that I needed to follow you. Cheers!

Also, the February 150 word minific contest A Lovely Night, Ruined ends at midnight (UTC+0) on the 21st. Currently there are only four entries...

  • Viewing 164 - 168 of 168
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