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Ceffyl Dwr

Oh, what a rush it is to be young and pure of heart.

Writing Objectives: 2018

One of things I promised myself I'd be this year, is to be more confident about my ability to write stories and produce content. This list will help me track those commitments, and to serve as a carrot or stick for when I slip into doubt.

Flashfic 150 (January) [X]
Pinkie Pie World-building Collab: Prologue [X]
Unplanned Story: Dance Dance Dance [X]

Pinkie Pie World-building Collab: Griffon Chapter [ ]
Pinkie Pie World-building Collab: Epilogue [ ]

Unusual Ship Romance [ ]

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I'm a Welsh bloke who writes short stories, poetry and children's fiction, and now, I guess, pony-words too. I also have a current aside in video game-related poetry. Shut up, that's a thing!


Homeward Bound / Smiles / Teaser & Update · 9:46pm Last Wednesday

Hello, folks!

Hope you’re all doing well.  I’m sorry but I don’t have an original alternative celebration to offer you for Valentine’s Day; everyone has been busy enough on that front as it is by the looks of things.  But however you’ve spent, or plan to spend, the day, I hope it was/is good for you.

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2565451 I meant to follow you earlier, but I usually download to read, and sometimes forget. :facehoof:

Well, thank you kindly for deciding to follow me now. I appreciate it, and will do my best to be deserving of your attention. :twilightsmile:

2565113 Thanks, that's good to hear, though I figured it would increase as the deadline approaches. I'm hoping a good fraction of the followers enter, as I'd love to read those condensed and distilled snippets of story. It's a bit harder to write (for me at least) than it might appear.

4 entries is normal this long before the deadline. That number will double in the final few days.

And 2565099 reminded me that I needed to follow you. Cheers!

Also, the February 150 word minific contest A Lovely Night, Ruined ends at midnight (UTC+0) on the 21st. Currently there are only four entries...

  • Viewing 164 - 168 of 168
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