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You've got some nerve, but can't face your mistakes.

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I'm a Welsh bloke who writes short stories, poetry and children's fiction, and now, I guess, pony-words too. I also have a current aside in video game-related poetry. Shut up, that's a thing!


Pony Micro Fiction: A Puzzling Gift · 7:36pm Sunday

I wrote 150 horsewords for this month's Flashfic Group contest (Prompt: Birthday Magic). It's not a complete story as such, as it kinda lacks a few key components to be called that, but I feel like it's a cute scene, and I enjoyed putting it together. So I thought I'd share it here too.

Would anyone get some enjoyment from reading a slightly (1k words or so) expanded and more complete version of this?

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You earned it! :twilightsmile: Have to comment on a few of your stories, and it was easier to remind myself of this by following (plus, you know, the fact that your stories were good!)

And yeah, man. Been dipping into Skullgirls a lot again of late. Squigly is :heart:

Thanks for the watch! :twilightsmile:

Also, Skullgirls avatar? Props, man. Excellent taste. Squigly 5ever. :moustache:

Not too shabby, thanks. Life is keeping me honest at least.
How are you? I see you're off on your travels soon!


i got my eye on you.

(JK.) How have you been, mate?

Uh, I am following you?

Edit: Or at least, I was? Not sure what happened there.

  • Viewing 171 - 175 of 175
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