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Shock, misery, stress, and despair. That is all the newly crowned Queen Luna is feeling when her sister is killed. There is another emotion she secretly feels: guilt. But why?

Pre-readers: VitalSpark and Rated Ponystar (who also created the concept)

Proofreaders: PiercingSight and Troubleshooter

Thank you all for your input!

Check out the gorgeous coverart!

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Note: Please see this blog if you are unaware on the second and third chapter.

Shortly after her birth, Princess Flurry Heart's life is threatened by an assassin. But when the assassin is stopped it is not a changeling, griffon, or somepony starting a rebellion. In fact it's somepony very familiar...

Set right after the events of The Crystalling.

Idea by Rated Ponystar

Special thanks to my co-author Vital Spark and my editor Angry Lass

FEATURED 7/8/16! AGAIN ON 7/22/16 AND 10/8/16!

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After her former student left Equestria, Luna, a Queen in all but name, is looking for a new student and an Element of Magic.

While having tea with her niece, Princess Amo Crisalide or Chrysalis she gets that student.

Co-written with Rainbow_Dash_4_real

Made for Princess Luna vs. Solar Flare group.

Edited by Rainbowdarth

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Shining Armor had a good life he was married to his beloved Princes Cadance, Captain of The Royal Guard, Co-Ruler Of The Crystal Empire, and expecting his first child. But his good life falls apart as Cadance dies in child birth leaving him a widower, single parent, and the sole ruler of The Crystal Empire.

Now he has to deal with the pressure of politics, especially when in a society where mares usually are the prime rulers of their nations. Can Shining Armor keep it all together and be the ruler and parent he needs to be?

Idea by Rated Ponystar

Edited and pre-read by Angry Lass and ChudoJogurt


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In the Equestria we know Rainbow Dash did the legendary sonic rainboom, causing Twilight Sparkle to become the student of Princess Celestia. With her becoming the student of Celestia she's eventually sent to Ponyville to look over the preparation of The Summer Sun Celebration.

We all know that story, it started off the series. But with the meddling of Starlight Glimmer with the time, many alternate universes were created with the villains The Mane Six defeated taking over Equestria.

But one alternate universe was different. There is no chaos, there is no war, there is no misery, and there is no destruction.

That universe is one where Nightmare Moon rules as Princess. She rules with an iron hoof, but she keeps Equestria safe. With alternate universes the characters we love will be different. That includes The Mane Six.

We will see the lives of The Mane Six living in the reign of Princess Nightmare Reign.

Set in the Nightmare Moon universe not a side story of my other story The Nightmare Reign.

Just some short story I thought of when reading fics inspired by the season five finale.

Inspired by Rated Ponystar's Aftermath of a Fallen Star and Michy's The Clockwork Consequence

Proofreaded by Cola_bubblepop


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Defeated and imprisoned in the moon for 1,000 years. Celestia finally escapes her prison. When she comes back Equestria is much different. It's renamed to The Lunar Empire under the rule of her corrupted sister.

All must serve her sister or else. The ponies of Equestria do not remember her or anything before her sister's rebellion. They have been brainwashed and mind controlled by Nightmare Moon.

But Celestia has a glimmer of hope as a group of ponies have figured out who the true ruler is, her and Luna. The group The Equestrian Fighters are led by Sunset Shimmer, the former student of Nightmare Moon. She figured out the real past of Equestria and spread it to other ponies.

With Celestia only representing half of the elements. Which is not powerful enough to bring back her sister. The elements, being held by Nightmare Moon need to have new element barriers. Destiny was chosen new element barriers which all serve the very pony she is trying to defeat.

Magic being the student of Nightmare Moon.

Laughter being the head cook of her sister's castle.

Loyalty being the captain of an elite military team called the Shadowbolts.

Generosity being the royal decorater for Nightmare Moon.

Honesty being a guard of Nightmare Moon.

And Kindness being the castle gardener.

All of the six mares are what destiny is calling them the new heroes of Equestria.

Cover art is from CosmicUnicorn on Devaintart.

EDIT: Other characters are Bon Bon, Lyra, Derpy, Doctor Hooves, Octavia, Vinyl, Amethyst Star, Vinyl, Twinkleshine, Lemon Hearts, Minutte, and Moondancer.

Story no longer Anthro

Takes place around the time which would of been the season one premiere.

Remake of the The Nightmare Reign. I don't recommend you read it since this one is better in my opnion.

Edited and Pre-readed by
ARTL and edited by Fillyphil

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Set nearly twenty years into the future where Rarity and Applejack have found love with each other and are married and soon to-be parents. Spike is all grown up, and all though most ponies believe he grew out of his crush for Rarity, he never did. In fact his puppy love crush turned into real love.

Spike is leaving for his trip to scout the world and look for adventure. He can't help but tell Rarity what he has really been feeling all this time. So he best do it now before he goes scout the world.

Sex tag is for suggestive references
Edited by: Fillyphil

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