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I'm a realist, and reality is pessimistic Shy and easily embarrassed >/// < Feeling depressed? sad? suicidal?/Like talking to somepony?/Need any help? an art? - Lime's your pon! :3*

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After yet another night of kicking it of in the club, Vinyl decides to go for a walk in the Everfree forest. While looking around, she comes upon a cave. An accident happens, and Vinyl falls down the steep pit, getting badly injured along the way. She is then found by a certain pony, who looks after her until she gets better. The two ponies quickly get tied by a bond of friendship. After 2 days, Octavia finds Vinyl and her new friend, however, both of them appear to be drunk. The gray mare decides to spend the night in the cave with Vinyl, and help her get home in the morning. However, Octavia doesn't suspect that she's gonna become an amusement for drunk ponies, as they try to make her feel uncomfortable. When the morning finally comes, and Octavia heads off home, the pony tells Octavia a secret. A secret that leaves Octavia feeling ashamed and disturbed.

This story may not be too good, but it isn't meant to be filled with action. It's more of an "get to know my OC before my action filled stories" story.

However, I hope you enjoy it. I tried my best not to spoil anything ^w^

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