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She can't remember much. All she knows is her name and the pain of an unknown tragedy. She wakes up in a strange forest in the home of a manticore who speaks only in rhyme. He sees the pain in her eyes and takes her on a journey to find herself and the memory she has lost. What is revealed is a story of loss, death, secrecy, young love, and more than anything else moving on.

This is the story of Zecora that no one knows. Before she found her voice.

This story is based off the work of William Shakespeare specifically Macbeth and Romeo And Juliet. I was inspired by the witches in Macbeth because of their similarity to Zecora in speech pattern and the whole cauldron thing. I use several lines from the original play but its public domain so who cares.

Source to image can be found here

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This story is for my brother, who taught me what it means to be myself.

Marble is shy. She's afraid of crowds and is embarrassed by her own voice. But there was always one pony she felt normal around, her sister Pinkie Pie.

Adulthood changes things. It brings people in different directions, and sometimes we lose ties with people we care about, not because we don't like them, but because we get caught up in our lives.

When Marble and Pinkie's birthday comes around, Pinkie throws a huge party with all of the new friends she had made saving the world. Marble can't handle big crowds, so she slips out and walks her family's land. Surprising memories bubble their way to the surface and Marble realizes how far her family has drifted apart.

Can they fix what's been broken?

Art by Luminaura used with permission. Full picture is linked.

Editing and proofreading by the talented talented OkemosBrony!

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Thank you to everyone who helped me write this story while I was at Bronycon!

Rainbow Dash has a problem. Whenever the weather is bad, (due to her own idiocy) she goes to the local lesbian bar and gets completely hammered. Twilight has had enough of it. She says that to keep Rainbow from drinking and sleeping around, Rainbow must get herself a good marefriend. That way, Dash will stop ending up in Twilight's house. So Dash goes on the hunt for the best mares in Ponyville.

Queen Chrysalis also has a problem. She wants to take the elements of harmony out of the picture, but she doesn't know how. When a drone tells her that she can take out the mane six by 'getting in' with them, she sets out to seduce one or more of the pastel horses. When she hears that Rainbow is on the market, she turns herself into a stallion that the Queen thinks the blue pegasus would love.

Unfortunately for The Queen, Rainbow is into mares, and she is too dense to figure it out.

Written for F*** THIS PROMPT competition that can be found here. The prompt was Rainbow Dash is a lesbian.

This story has cursing, sex jokes, and jokes about lesbians. None of the things in this story are meant to offend, but be wary that the faint of heart or easily offended may not want to read. For the sake of making the story more adult in nature some of the characters do or say things that may seem out of their cannon character. That's the way it is when you make a more adult story about cartoon horses. You have been warned.

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I would call this a late Valentine's Day gift, but it's so late at this point that why should I even bother?

Princess Luna Hates Hearts And Hooves Day. She receives countless letters from "secret admirers" every year. So this time she decided to get her pet possum, Tiberius, a date. It goes about as well as you would expect.

Can the Princess find a date for a marsupial, avoid her responsibilities, and learn new things about herself along the way? Probably not, but I can't tell you in the description otherwise then there would be no reason to read the story now would there!?

A second installment in my Luna and Tiberius Holliday story set. Reading the first one is unnecessary, but I would still like it if you would go back and read it. You can find it here.


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Cole hated the world he lived in. He wanted to leave forever. And got what he asked for... Sort of. He did leave earth, but where he ended up was even worse. There were ponies, rainbow colored ponies everywhere! As it turns out, ponies are afraid of humans, especially grumpy humans.

Celestia decides something must be done to cheer the poor man up, so she calls in a professional.
Pinkie. Pie.

Can she melt the iceberg inside of Cole's heart? Of course she can! Pinkie can make anything happy... Right?

Note: the dark tag doesn't mean dark comedy. The dark tag is to show that, although this is mostly a comical story, there are dark subjects discussed such as suicide and depression. I will do my best to treat them with respect and tact.

There is no sex in this, just sex themes.

Editing by the wonderful OkemosBrony

Adorable Art by: Quere

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A late holiday gift for you all!
Hearth's Warming is just around the corner, and Princess Luna has not bought her sister a gift. With the help of her trusty possum friend Tiberius, Luna embarks on a (kind of) epic quest to find something for her beloved Celestia. Can she find the perfect present in time for the holidays? (without going completely insane that is)

Art by: KP- shadow squirrel

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Co-authored with my sister, Darkstar38

Princess Celestia has a bad habit. Politics sometimes get in the way of making smart choices. In a busy life, it's hard not to cut a few corners sometimes.

To Princess Luna, this is not an appropriate excuse. She plans on invaiding her sister's dreams and showing her the true repercussions of her problem.

Written in two days as a part of the 8th F--k this prompt writing competition.

Now with edits by OkemosBrony

Awesome Art by: KP-Shadow Squirrel

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Loneliness is a hard thing to face, and for Princess Luna it's lonely at the top. She feels shipwrecked, tossed about in an endless sea of her own sorrow. However sometimes something comes around to change all that, a tiny shimmering star to drive away the dark. And after one particularly painful fight with her sister, Luna finds that light in the form of a foal by the name of Starry Night.

A big special thanks to:

Crowik for letting me use her wonderful picture Moonlight for the cover.

My first editor Jeray2000, the VERY talented OkemosBrony, and my wonderful sister Darkstar38 for proofreading!

Warning: spoilers in comments are likely.

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