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This is a collaboration with Fallout!
Four humans gone to Equestria in hope to share with humanity. But one more came. An orphan child. He tries to fit in, but it's impossible. After left at Equestria, Celestia, the princess of most ponies, finds the child. She decide to raise him on her own. Soon asking the other humans for there help with a few things. Will our h-
Wait, this isn't the story of the four humans?
It's about the child?
Well then!
Will this child survive? Or will he...er.....live a none happy life? Let's see!

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Raincloud asks her group of friends for a journey everyone will remember. Through a boat they shall go! When they reach land they will find out what the true meaning of life is. Even if they have to lose limbs, blood, and hair(oh please no!) they will continue on! Even if they pick up some other ponies along the way! Will they return? Find out and read the book already! Come on read it before I lose my temper. Actually it's good you are not or else I would fail in submitting this story because of the description again! So thanks! Now go on and read the story!

Thanks to Fallout for some help!

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This day is a busy day. May be stressful. Maybe not.But this could be a day in the life of us I guess.
Friends in story:
Fallout dude
head split
If I spelled it wrong, sorry!

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Twilight, now princess, I bored so she cleans her library to find a note? She couldn't tell if it was good or bad, but it was from Celestia so it has to be good, right?

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Kris and his younger brothers had to move and go to Canterlot high school. Kris, serious about everything, the "dad" of them, and likes school. Luke, second oldest, he is hot-headed all the time, lazy, and likes sports. Issac, the third oldest, hes fun, crazy and loves video games and anime. Finally Shey, shy, behaving, and likes to read. Together will they survive together or just make a mess?

Thank you Unidentified for being like my editor for a little.
And a special thanks to DASATOILETfor the idea of the story!!!And now editing!!!!!!!!!!!!

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To Starlight Glimmer equality is everything. No one will hurt anyone if every pony is equal. As she wished she could go back and change time,there where other things to worry about. Her friend, family, and ponys' life. All she wanted is luna to forgive her for what she has done. Read to find out why

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