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Just a fat guy who makes a living as an electrician. Oh and likes Ponies for some reason.

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The musings of a dying man as he awaits the end and recalls the events which led to this point.
Thought of this one-shot while I was in the shower and decided to just go ahead and put my ideas to the metaphorical paper. I hope you enjoy!

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Sergei was just your average person who want to have fun and serve his country. Little did he know he would wind up in a world full of friendship, magic, and talking ponies. They didn't tell him about this kinda stuff when he signed up. He didn't expect to be sent to a desert in a part of the world he could care less about, let alone a different world that is vastly different from his own.

How will our comrade fair when it comes to fitting in with a bunch of ponies who are way to colorful for their own good and run, scream, and faint at just the slightest problem like when one of the stems of their flowers they sell are broken.

Join our comrade as he trys to fit in this world and maybe even find a way back home. Who knows anything can happen in a world full of magic.

Sex Tag is for sexual innuendos and situations to make the story funny. I have no real intent to put clop in the story.

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