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Long before the rise of Equestria and the Elements of Harmony, a feral world was the law of the land. As the ancient ponies struggled day after day to survive a world of powerful predators, a different evolution was beginning far beneath the surface. Beginning with an accident involving a feeding, nine feral changelings begin the long trek toward true sentience. Facing resistance from their own kind as well as the various lifeforms of the surface, the nine of them will have to cast off the shackles of their old life and learn to adapt to a new world and to themselves as they become more than they ever thought they could be.

However, in a dangerous world such as the one they face is it possible for a hooffull of changelings to survive the trials that it will take to become royal?

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This story is a sequel to Never Lucky

Following the events of the shortest siege Canterlot has ever seen in its history, the unfortunately fortunate stallion known as Lucky Signs hopes to return to a relatively normal life and try his luck at having a relationship. Of course, nothing every goes quite that simply for Lucky as Sunslayer may have just been the tip of the iceberg. With a new threat stalking the shadows, the luckiest fool in Equestria is going to have to push his luck to its limit and beyond in a race against time!

Will he manage to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy threatening his home? Can he possibly put a stop to it? Most importantly, can he balance his work life with his attempts to woo the elusive Dawn Breeze?

Stay tuned to find out!

Author's Notes:
The sequel to my previous Fanfic, Never Lucky, which is more or less a required reading to understand where this comes from. This one is going to be a bit slower than the original and feature more slice of life between surges of insanity.

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Lucky Signs, a young stallion from nowhere, never had any desire to do anything great with his life, but fate has always been fickle to him. Ever since earning his Cutie Mark, Lucky has never been able to catch a break from the string of humorous events in his life brought on by his apparent "luck." Content to hide away from anything that could trigger his Luna-cursed "blessing," Lucky just wanted to work as a local delivery stallion and not stick his nose into anything big.

However, while on a delivery for his parents, Lucky finds himself the "hero" of a failed robbery attempt and at the beckoning of the Royal Guard due to his "vigilante justice." Under the careful watch of guardsponies whom dislike him, the newest auxiliary is now being lent out to various low-level calls for assistance across Equestria. Can the poor stallion just serve his time and go home, or is Lucky Signs liable to stick his nose into something bigger than himself, whether he means to or not?

Author's Notes

Hey guys, this is only my second time at trying to create a decent work of fiction on this site. The idea of this was just amusing to me, so I decided to give it a try and so far, I'm liking what I can do with this. I'm new to this scene, so constructive feedback is appreciated.

Edit: Alternate Universe tag being added for sake of continuity versus the show.

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