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A youtuber who enjoys making reviews on movies and tv shows. I have come for enjoyment.


Can anyone help me figure something out. · 6:05pm Jan 13th, 2017

Hey guys I know it's been a long time but, I'm confused. I tried to Jumpstart my love with the fandom again, and was loving it until I reached a certain episode. The episode's name is twilight's kingdom. It makes celestia a liar. She states that starswirl didn't understand friendship. Yet how do you befriend someone if you don't understand friendshipship.
There is also the part where they give up their powers

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I'm out. · 4:16am May 20th, 2016

Sorry to all readers of escaping Fluttershy. But as the title says I'm out.
I'm done writing due to a few reasons.
1.) I'm not liking the execution. I have tried multiple times to put out chapter material that i actually like and came outweigh nothing.
2.) the episodes of this season is truly making me want to bash my head in on the closest wall, mainly due to the awful writing. I'm not getting any type of inspiration from it.

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Chapter 2 · 12:43pm May 17th, 2016

Alright everyone chapter 2 is going to be uploaded in less than a day. Just need to work on a few details. Just a shout out to a great person dreadnought, who without, the story would be flying everywhere. He basically keeps my craziness of the story make coherent sense. Also sorry it took so long. In about a week or so I should get the cast off.

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Chapter will take longer than expected · 2:30am Apr 29th, 2016

Sorry for those that wanted a faster update. The next chapter is going to be taking a little bit, as my brother wasn't paying attention and slammed my hand into car door. So now I currently have a broken hand. So now I'm one handed for a while. Doctor told me about a month. I will try to write using one arm.

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Escaping Fluttershy chapter 2 · 11:43pm Apr 23rd, 2016

well chapter 2 is going to be fun. lets just say you guys having the conjuring, insidious, and the Exorcist to thank for the fun. Looking for throw away OC for this little experimental part i'm working on.

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Alright lt's time for a poll · 5:47pm Apr 14th, 2016

For all readers of Escaping Fluttershy, the first poll is going to be the name of the dog that Fluttershy finds.
a.) Rijo Striker (default)
b.) Fiery Dusk
c.)Flaming Sheild
d.)Night Flame
You can message me or post in the blog here. It is you're guys's choice, but if I do not receive any feedback, I shall go with default choice.
I shall give the winner in the next chapter. which if all things go well will be posted 4/30/16