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The Lyra Heartstrings

Ponyville Choir member, anthropologist. I live in Ponyville, Equestria, with Bon Bon. I am willing to roleplay, although it would be weird to roleplay as myself...

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Things that almost nopony and nobody knew! You haven't heard of Myth Wanderer, Griffinclaw, anything. Well, mostly anything. This photo of me looks cool, although it's from the 'Internet'. Main characters, hm? Me, Bonnie, Twilight is a kind of big part, and other, since there's ponies who aren't there, who are also a kind of big part of this. I also can't believe there's humans who pose as me!

This also has notes I wrote down on the phone I have! Adventures, and things I did! Likes and dislikes? That doesn't really matter, this is mostly for telling about me.

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