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Fighting the power since 2001. Father of 5, daddy to 1. In love with the most amazing Fluffysam. <3 I decide who's badass on this website.

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Advice from a Retired Fimfiction User · 5:31pm Sep 13th, 2017

This is probably the most important blog post I ever create, so show this to any noobs you encounter and stuff. But seriously, do give it a look.

A lot of you guys know me as MargopoloGX. I’ve taken on a new identity now, however, because I am ashamed of my old name and the things I have done while carrying that title. I just want to clarify that, that is why I changed my username. Just a little backstory on why I changed my username, for those who are wondering.

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Introduction to TheArquius

Hello, and welcome to my family friendly userpage. Okay, maybe it isn't family friendly, but who really cares about that anyways?

Anyways, Memes aside, I would like to tell you a bit about me.

1. First things first, my real FIRST name is Aidan. For the sake of my privacy, I won't go any deeper into that.
2. I'm taken by the amazing fluffysam <3
3. I am 16 years old. Good Buddha I'm an old man. When do I start looking into retirement?
4. I write fanfictions (not anymore though, if that wasn't obvious. You can check them out in the column next to this one>>
5. My main forte in writing is crossovers. I do love me a good crossover, like I like some Mac n Cheese.
6. I am a christian. Never make me mad, or it's a year in Hell for you. JK LOL JJFJFJFF
7. I hate vegans.
8. This list is getting long... Uhhhhh... I post memes on this website? Yeah, I'm technically the only one who properly posts memes on this site.
9. I'm mixed. I'm black, white, korean and vietnamese, just to let all of the Trump fans here know.
10. I am an active Gamer, an anime watcher/huge fan no not a weeaboo sicko, and a Dungeons and Dragons player. Thank God for that.

That's all I have to say. If you like my content, be sure to check out my Youtube Channel.

Be sure to like, subscribe, and check out my fanfics! Buh-Bye!


New Discord Server · 6:01pm Yesterday

bcuz i only have like 7 why not have more

The Lobster Alliance

Basically a place where I'm going to try to mix my friends here with some other irl friends.

It's also a place for shitposting and stuff

join today (pls i have like 3 friends)

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Info on my OC- Margo Flicker · 4:09pm Jan 21st, 2017

Name- Margo Flicker
Age- Fifteen
Race- Pegasus
Sex- Male
Coat color- Orangish tannish somethingish
Hair/Tail color- Orange
Eye color- Green
Cutie mark- (modified)

Occupation- Wanted Equestrian Theif
Accessories- the amazing sunglasses on his cutie mark
Weapon- Boomerang that is his glasses

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My life in a nutshack

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You have one guess as to who you are on my server (No looking - that's cheating)

So it’s five now?


Damn this guy must be rich I can barely support myself how does this fucker support 6? (Wife and kids)

i unno

Darn you, McDonald’s...


it is done

i also edited my bio too

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I just try to make people mad for fun, as I am a troll of the internet. Does that mean I don't like you? No, of course I like you. You're a freaking awesome guy. Just pardon me for my hate of vegans, making people mad, and my mass murdering of feminists.