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This is a little experiment I thought up to see what the results would be if I took in any authors who were willing to write a chapter for this story. The result, well we'll see. If you would like to join in on this project, PM me and I'll add you to the queue of folks who want to write a chapter. my only limits on this are that you have to keep it rated T.

There is also a version of this written by me alone: Queen of Hope: Steampunk's Version

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Ponies often go to Zecora's hut for advice or medicine. However, her services are not cheap for all but her friends. Many rumors circulate around about her abilities with herbs and how she collects debts, as for which ones are true... well do you really want to find out the hard way?


'sup everypony,

just something that started brewing while i was listening to d.notive's song Mistress Zecora. Just as a warning there's probably gonna be some referances to more adult topics/themes and possible some gore, i don't really know, so bear with me here.


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Ten years after Celestia's fall to the nightmare, the final battle for the fate of Equestria begins.


Just a one-sitting one-shot that I cooked up after seeing :Demon: by familyof6 on deviantart.

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Canterlot... For centuries, Canterlot was the shining gem of Equestria, the pinnacle of pony society. Now, it’s a reminder, a bleak and monolithic warning to the world. 

Changed by the chemical and technological poisons that plague the mountain, an abomination of nature, I wander the greatest disaster Equestria has ever seen. 

... I will escape eventually, and when I do, I hope my friends still see me as Twilight Sparkle, and not the monster that hides among the ruins. 

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When a madmare bestows a 'gift' upon a humble cellist, her life is changed forever. Her lifelong career ruined, and the royal guard unwilling to enact some justice upon the one who wronged her, she decides to take matters into her own hooves.

If only things were ever that simple...


inspired by this image by the talented Tzelly-El on DeviantArt

No this doesn't mean i'm dropping Vampony chronicles, i just felt like writing something with a different tone to it.

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Welcome aboard the Lament, a grand airship. This is the tale of her captain and crew.


Just a back story for my OC. Rated T for swearing, cannabis use, and other such shenanigans. There will be some minor blood and gore, but this isn't a gorefic, nor will there be killing sprees.

mostly OC characters, but the mane 6 may make an appearance. I write these things and plan them as i go.

hope you enjoy


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Don't really know where i'm going with this one, just an idea that i thought was too good not to write.

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Hello, don't mind me. Just a simple spirit of anarchy trapped in stone... oh you're still listening? well listen longer, it may make you think.

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Nightsong, a Cloudsdale weather factory worker, has been looking for a way out of the nightmarish work within the rainbow factory. One night she gets her chance, but will she be able to return to a normal life?

Sorry about the short description, but i'm terrible at these things.

Rated T for swears and such

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Just some writing practice for me and when i heard this song I couldn't help but write something for it.

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