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The Wedding Invasion was not the grand revelation of changelings to the world. True, only a few ponies knew of their existence before the incident, but changelings have been living in Equestria for years, and many ponies see them as a common part of their lives.

Sawtooth is a prime example of this: a musician who has lived peacefully in Manehatten for years, and is well-known in the music community as a fill-in for musicians who are... otherwise occupied.

Neon Lights gets predictably wasted, and Sawtooth fills in for him.

This story is about 87% dialogue. Be warned.

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Silver Tongue was never an important pony. Sure, he conned rich ponies out hundreds of bits, but it wasn't as if they couldn't spare it. He never believed any of them would care enough to get back at him.

Of course, he also never liked to be wrong.

(Gore tag due to expectations of myself.)

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Alibi, a peaceful changeling in Ponyville, is discovered and arrested with a massive hangover.

This story has been written for the Anachronistic Story Contest.

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Two inventors, Jigsaw and Short Circuit, have been looking for a place to start their new business inventing new products for the pony public. For them, Ponyville seems like the best option. Although, they may have more problems than they let on...

Tags will change as the story progresses.

Chapters (4)
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