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Editor Needed · 12:42am Dec 27th, 2016

I suck at writing. I have, previously, been trying to edit my stories alone, but it just doesn't seem to be working. If anyone is willing to look over some rough drafts of mine, I don't have money, but I will gladly return the favor. A second set of eyes on a project can help. I'm hoping someone else needs that.

If anyone is interested, leave a comment here.

Even if you think you'll be mediocre, please tell me. I just need something.


Bad Habits · 10:51pm Dec 26th, 2016

Short version:
I have been writing overviews of stories instead of actual stories. This will change. I also may or may not be postponing FoE:JK until a later date.

Long version:
So, for the past few months, I have planned out several stories start to finish. However, I have done next to no actual writing. I was hoping that planning out the stories would give me more motivation to complete them, but it has instead only made it easier to shift from one story to the next.

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Updates! · 12:44am Nov 10th, 2016

Remember when I said I would update this blog once a month? I lied. Here's three months worth of updates to make up for it.

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Still No Progress! · 2:14am Sep 12th, 2016

Yay, a useless update.

Seriously, though. How can people update 10,000 word stories every couple weeks? I rarely make it over the 1000 mark most times, and my updates are still scarce at best.

I'm not dead. I'm just really bad at time management.
End Blog Post.

EDIT: I will still try to update my blog at least once a month. If not to update on story progress, at least to tell you I'm still here.


Yeah, so Writing Is A Thing · 11:48pm Aug 22nd, 2016

-that I kinda forgot about. School recently started, and among my other projects, these stories have kinda been lost in the mix. Though, all two of you, rest assured! I am not dead, and am in fact just busy. That doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon though.

I'm going to try slipping in some writing in between other things. Not sure how it'll work, but chances are there will be even less stories + updates than my normal one-every-three-months schedule.


DwtST on Hiatus · 2:11pm Jul 18th, 2016

Okay, so I think I have some explaining to do. Especially since this is the second story I've put on hiatus after only four chapters. If you don't care about the personal stuff, skip the next paragraph.

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New(ish) Story · 12:13am May 24th, 2016

Yeah, yeah. 'You just said you'll be focusing on DwtST, and now you're announcing a new story'. Just to be clear, this story has been sitting in my drafts page for seven months. I only just got around to posting it because...

Well, I don't really know why. So, yeah.

Anyway, Cambiare is a story that I wrote almost immediately following Distorted Vision, but never posted because [insert well-defined reason here].

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R&D on Hiatus · 9:52pm May 6th, 2016

Yeah. That's happening.

Now, I know very few people are actually reading this story, but I figured I would put this out there anyway. I am currently focusing my energy on Devil with the Silver Tongue currently, as it is much more enjoyable to write. With my limited attention span spread onto other non-fanfic related things, I need to cut down, and a story I haven't updated since November is a start.

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Story Updates · 10:09pm Jan 23rd, 2016

It's not like anyone is reading these blog posts, but I will continue to update them regularly.

Due to some personal issues, I have not been updating many of my stories as often as I should be. This post is to help to explain the progress of updates for R&D.

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I am an Indecisive Twat · 12:03am Nov 13th, 2015

To anyone who hasn't read my last blog post (everyone), let me sum it up for you:
"My new school is not currently overloading me with work and that's good, so I'll have more time to write!"
I was wrong. I was so very, very wrong. Still, I managed to get a new chapter to R&D out today, so yay me.