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So weird! · 3:01pm Jan 10th, 2018

I was telling my therapist about my writing (in very vague terms) and how I really enjoy 'rage against the heavens' as a trope (see also bellikos rising against their creators in that EQ expansion) and they started connecting it to my parental issues.

And it made sense and yet I had never made that connection. It's so weird to observe my own habits and thought processes like that.

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Timelines! · 3:30am Nov 20th, 2016

Guys, I've been driving myself insane lately trying to place the story in the show's timeline. Obviously Landshark arrives in a post-Tirek world AND sometime after Cranky and Matilda's wedding, and I probably need to add the AU tag since my Equestria has changelings in it (feel free to pretend something similar to your favorite changeling redemption story took place at some point).

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Radio Silence · 2:03pm Sep 8th, 2016

In case anyone has actually been wondering about the slightly longer than normal delay, I've recently had a death in the family and been a mix of busy and unmotivated. 'm trying to get back into writing to keep my mind off other things, though.

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Happy Holidays! · 6:39pm Dec 24th, 2015

Hope everyone gets to have a decent enough time. Keep your relatives in mind if you're not seeing them!

And remember, the reason for the season is axial tilt. :twilightangry2:

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Why did I add a stint on Earth to the backstory of my first fic? · 11:40pm Oct 21st, 2015

Good question, really.

I mean, this is a Displacement fic, I think. I may not be using the term right. But I didn't want to do that thing where a human being gets turned into something kind of weird in the transition. It seems to involve cons and cursed costume props a lot.

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