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Hey all, I've been a fan of MLP for over a year now, my favorite characters are Applejack, Sunset Shimmer and Rainbow Dash


Moonshade- A talented unicorn who has mastered the shadows and dark magic now plans on a coupe of the Equestrian throne, not for herself, but for another.

Eclipse- A mysterious unicorn filly with supernatural friends and no emotions, an orphan who does what is best for her and her survival.

After finding eachother in an old graveyard, Moonshade makes a deal with Eclipse to train her how to be more effective with her magic after a duel. (Here is the llink for the actual fight. http://www.fimfiction.net/group/211344/fighters-tournament----ultimate-showdown/thread/285249/round-beta-fight-a)

Will the pair stay as just teacher/ student, or will a sifferent bond be forged between them?

This story is a collaboration between myself and typervader.

Also, despite the anthro tag of this story, it can be used to fill in a piece of the time gap in The Chronicles of Moonshade; Part 1 with a few changes. Depending on how things go, Eclipse maybe mentioned or involved at some in the later Chronicles of Moonshade stories.

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This story is a sequel to Chance for a Better Life

I'm adding the sex tag for just in case reasons. There might be a few scenes that include some near intimate moments but nothing close to warrant a mature rating.

After talking to Sunset, Applejack and Rarity, both Moonshade and Lily are struggling to even think of forgiving those that have hurt them. At the same time the girls have promised to see a psychiatrist and are being prepared to join the student body of CHS for the next semester.

With all of this going on bonds are being strengthened between the girls, their new guardians and new friends. Both Luna and Chrysalis are within inches of completing their goal of being able to adopt them, but Chrys also has one more plan kept secret.

As a warning there will be more time jumping in this story than in the previous ones, but it is for a good reason.

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This story is a sequel to Runaway


Ok, I got all of the chapters edited and reposted, yay.

Lily and Moonshade find themselves free of the horrors of their past, or so they think. As Celestia, Luna, Chrysalis and Posey struggle to find a way to keep them free and happy Sunset and gang work on getting Moonshade to open up and learn to trust again.

Editing completed by Okemos Brony

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*Update* Found an editor to go through the story and make so changes. For those who have read it before let me know what you think of the changes as they come.

This story was written to encourage those who need it to seek out help, and not be ashamed of doing so. It was inspired after reading Twilight Nightmare's Good Night Sunset, Good Morning Sunrise and Finding Home by Cirrus Sky

Here are the links


A teen runaway appears in Canterlot a few days after the new school year begins, the last one for Sunset Shimmer and her friends. This newcomer's heart has been hardened by past experiences, will the running teen find something that is sorely lacking, or will the loneliness and sadness end an innocent life that only wants to find peace?

Note; I do not own any of the canon MLP EqG characters or the world.

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This story is a sequel to The Chronicles of Moonshade

A year and some change has past since the defeat of Nightmare Moon. Moonshade's past has caught up to her mentally along with the ostricisizing from the upper echelons of Equestrian society as she tries to show she has changed. At the same time the pressures of being related to the royal sisters and trying to steady her rocky friendships are taking a toll on her as well.

The judgment is in, what does the future hold for Moonshade as she goes through her struggles?

As always comments are welcome both good or bad

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This story mostly follows the tv show timeline, but with some AU to it. Except for the prologue the story takes place just after Keep Calm and Flutter On and ends before Magical Mystery Cure.

An old foe, defeated and forgotten by Equestria's citizens returns and uses a mare of unique lineage to bring about it's revenge. As a counter the royal sisters give an old enemy turned friend his first assignment in hopes to keep the Element bearers out of the mare's way. Will he succeed in changing her or will the Elements have to be called upon? Can they even stop her and her Master, or will Equestria fall?

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