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Swift Wolf Blade

Im a Brony in America, I have been in the fandom for three years now. I'm very skinny, strong, tall, and easy to get along with. I want to become an author one day.

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This will be pictures that I uploaded in the past.

A Wolf's Story Art

Made by: CobaltBlitz

Azura In Cave

Shadow and Azura Watching the Moon

Shadow In Lily's Backyard


Friendship NEEDED!!! · 6:34pm July 12th

Hello, all! I am in need of TWO THINGS! If you would be so kind I need help with getting motivated. And need some good fans that know A Wolf's Story quite well. it will help jog my memory without having to read through all my chapters. I have quite the list of ideas and all for the story. If you are able to contact me that would be WONDERFUL! You can contact me on my Instagram light_writer17 or my Twitter @MuscleMax5. If my number would be easier then PM me, or if you don't want to text me on

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