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Writer, and editor at your disposal.


American weeb with a dream. It's time to bring this account and put it on a pedestal! I plan great things for this fandom and for all of you! I may be new to the scene but I hope that you all travel with me on this adventure!

If you'd like to know a bit more about this channel and myself, keep reading, if not, enjoy some reading! :derpytongue2: Here you go!

A Wolf's Story Art

Made by: CobaltBlitz

Azura In Cave

Shadow and Azura Watching the Moon

Shadow In Lily's Backyard

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Hi thanks for the watch may I ask why ?

thanx for liking you want us to do what? What'd you find...intresting about it?

Thanks for the addition:duck:

2190308 Thank you very much. A Wolf's Story is the most updated and will be continuous for until ut ends. The next chapter is almost finished though so keep an eye out for it.

I like your stories and can't wait for new chapters. :pinkiehappy:

glad you like my story

Thank you for even putting my name up there!

  • Viewing 46 - 55 of 55
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