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Exploratory side story to two rarely elaborated characters from The Village Called Respite.

It is an open secret that Stalwart and Abacus' romance together started when they first met after the latter got stuck in a tree. An odd beginning, to the story of a village guard and a schoolteacher, but Respite finds ways to bring ponies and changelings together, and a beginning is merely that.

Not much to say here, really. I wanted to do some practice with fluff and romance, and Carapace was willing to let me use his story's characters for the task. Thank him for writing a story that got me invested enough to write for, and those that encouraged me to post this in the first place.

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Inspired by Arc 3, Chapter 48 of Starlight Over Detrot: A Noir Tale

A spell to produce silly string would be - would have been - no concern to anypony. Anypony except Slip Stitch: coroner to the city of Detrot Police Department, and Party Pony. Limerence has known the spell for years, and to him it was just another part of the arsenal of pranks he and his brother used to play on each other when they were foals.

Stitch thinks it can revolutionize everything about partying itself. He just needs to perform some...research with the unicorn and his horn first...

[A complete crackfic that, if not already obvious, should not be taken seriously. Unless you want to.]

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Side (semi-canon) story to Starlight over Detrot: a noir tale

Hard Boiled's life has taken a really rough turn of events since the demise of Ruby Blue. Dying is actually quite far from the top of that list. But everyone needs a break once in a while, be they an undead detective with a colt's soul in his transplant heart or a partially transformed biomagical killing machine.

Thing is, long vacations are such a hassle to organize, so a night out is the best he can do on short notice. With that, he's decided to make good on a deal he's made with his partner: Swift Cuddles will go on a date with the Warden of Tartarus, the constantly burning mare on fire, if he goes on the date with her best friend, the prissy secretary of the Vivarium with a huge crush on Hardy himself, Scarlet Petals.

Special thanks to Chessie and crew for making the story that's gotten me hooked enough to write my first fanfic for this site.

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