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Heyo! I'm Crimson_Sky42 and I'm just another brony who writes for fun :3 <3

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Well look who's on.:twilightsmile:

a crimson, eh? You should look up Crimson Ink!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, hello, welcome today,
Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, a fine hip hip hurray!
Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, to FiMFiction today!
See what I did there?

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My Oc

Name: Crimson sky, or Captain Sky
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Female
Occupation: Pirate all day everyday, Diplomat, Traveler, Mercenary if she wants
Cutiemark: A white skull holding a red rose in it's mouth
Relationships: Indigo Sky, Her crew, The Phantom Raiders. Her ship, The Phantom. The Mane Six. And in the near future, her human counterpart, Rylee Hawkins.
Romantic Interests: Not quite yet...
Hometown: Manehattan, now on her ship
Weapon of choice: A set of daggers that have a flaming aura when held by Sky, was given by her mentor.
Home: Manehattan (past),"The Phantom" her ship (current)
Personality: Energetic, A tactical genius, Fun lover, Serious when needed to be, Friendly, Helpful,
Sky will always be looking for something to do whether it's fighting off enemies or delivering a letter. She can also be really curious sometimes which is also one of her weaknesses.

About Me:

Name: Kassie S.
Age: [Classified]
Relationships: Single and proud of it
Favorite Ponies: Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, and my OC
Least Favorite Ponies: None (no surprise there)
OC Name: Crimson Sky, or Captain Sky (this will be explained in a later story)
Favorite Quote: "You have got to be kidding me."
Favorite Shows: Fairy Tail, My Little Pony, Attack on Titan, Arrow, etc. etc.
Favorite Hobbies: Reading, Drawing ( really just doodling random things), Writing, Eating, Being Random, Hanging with great friends
Favorite Food: Pizza FTW

I'm super shy when i meet someone, but I can also be the most annoying person you've ever met. hahaha this is half true. Usually I have no idea what i'm doing ( like when i wrote this ). I cant wait to meet many people that share the same love for this show as i do. :D :3

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