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Gamer, devout Gaben worshiper, hellbent on writing some of the worst stories on Fimfiction. Yep, that describes me well...


Wrote a greentext on 4chan today · 7:38am Jan 12th, 2017

I just kinda had the random inspiration to write a greentext story, link to pastebin below


I haven't uploaded any other cancerous stories in like a year, I'll try and fix that maybe.

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I keep re-writing the ending to the Filthy Frank story and I legit am having a hard time trying to end it in the best and or worst way possible. · 4:39am Aug 1st, 2016

I didn't forget about the story, I just keep having conflicting ideas on how to end it. I'll finish it one day but I don't know how long that's gonna take.

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Just had a story hit 900 views · 5:35am Feb 25th, 2016


That's the last TBC story I'm writing · 4:49am Feb 5th, 2016

I wrote Gaben & Filthy Frank vs. The Conversion Bureau, those are the last ones I want to write. I'm going to go back to writing pure bullshit dank stories that are dank, I just had to write a TBC parody that has never been done before. I kinda like writing stories that no one has done before and I had to check that off my list.


The aftermath of a masterpeice · 6:19am Jan 22nd, 2016

So I just wrote some meme-tastic stuff, and my 'Gaben Vs. The Burrito Bureaucracy' story is about to reach 800 views. So basically I'm happy that I can divert energy into writing some garbage. Thanks for reading and I'll write a new story or finish that Filthy Frank one at some point, idk, I'll get around doing that at some point.

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Hey, So, I Have Internet Now · 11:35pm Dec 21st, 2015

Yeah, I moved twice and I didn't have internet for a couple weeks, plus I've been short on ideas. Buuuuuuuuut! I now have a backlog of tons of story ideas so expect them in the future. Also I've re-written the end of the Filthy Frank story a shit ton of times and I'm trying to end it well, in the future I'm mostly going to stick to one shot stories unless my shit blows up like jiffy pop + kerosene and people demand a longer story in which I give into peer pressure and disappoint everyone.

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To my followers (all six of them) · 5:49am Sep 23rd, 2015

I'm still working on the Filthy Frank story but some, well, stuff has come up so it been slowing down progress. But I have some other stories in the works, all of them terrible (maybe worse than the Filthy Frank one, possibly?). Anyway I just wanted to post this saying that I'm not dead and I won't be dead for like 75 or 85 more years maybe? Or I might get hit by a bus and die, if I do I'll be sure to make a new post about it.

It's also 1:50 am, I should go to bed...

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