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Love is Eternal On Hiatus...for a while... · 9:55pm Apr 3rd, 2016

What's up my fellow Twilestia fans! I'm sorry to say but Love is Eternal will be put on hiatus for a while. I'm on a writers block and I need some time to relax. I hope you all understand. Don't worry, when I'm done with my break, I'll get right back in the spirit of writing!

Have a nice day!

- Maxman103095

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Wait and see...just keep reading Love is Eternal....you'll know what I'm talking about.

I like your oc's I hope to read a fanfic with them in it!:rainbowkiss:

2107449 oh. Well i try to help where and whenever i can. And i try to relax whenever possible lol:rainbowwild:


Mostly for your comments on my story, helped out a lot actually. Plus, you sound like your a relaxed cool dude.

Hey thanks for the watch...though if I may ask...why?

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