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A skeleton takes a leisurely stroll through Ponyville, and nothing bad happens. Right?

Kicking donkeys and taking names, this skeleton has no body to be ready with. Because he's a skeleton. A spooky, scary skeleton, here to spook the G rated world of pony land!

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(2nd Person) (Featured on 6/19/2015 top of the chart and 10/13/2015 not so top of the chart)
(From Chapter 12 onwards, credit for proofreading goes to the lovely human being who goes by PeerImagination. Find his FIMFiction link here! -> https://www.fimfiction.net/user/PeerImagination )

Anon, our favorite inter-dimension pioneer and pervert somehow lands himself in Ponyville's local prison, but the prison is not like the prisons back home in Earth. This prison treats the prisoners as if they were weenies, and it makes sure to teach prisoners a lesson by revoking recess or taking away dessert if someone is bad enough. Be sure to save up your good boy points!

Rated T for cursing on Anon's part, and some uncalled-for belly rubbing.

The cover image was drawn by a beautiful man named Charliehorse.
( find him here: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/Charliehorse )

Chapters (16)
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