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I'm someone who is just jumping back into the writing ring, after avoiding it for so long. Rarity is my favorite, so expect to see a lot of her! I plan to write more slice of life kind of fics.

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Adagio Dazzle hates her life. She spends most her time alone in her shop, crafting a wide array of jewelry, but her shop is often empty. That is, with the exception of Sonata Dusk, an Earth pony who strives to become a famous singer, but with little success. However, Sonata begins to find such fame after purchasing a necklace from Adagio, yet her growing fan-base seems to be a little... open to persuasion. Now made aware of powerful possibilities, Adagio crafts a necklace for herself, and pursues a course to make sure she ends up on top. Because in the end, what's the point of pretending we're all the same, when some of us shine brighter?

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Returning to the Boutique after a long weekend in Manehattan, Rarity is greeted by a new pony who just moved into Ponyville. Fabrica, and her new store in Ponyville, Apparel Avenue. But what is her motive? Shortly after Apparel Avenue opens, Carousal Boutique's business is going down! Is Fabrica a new business rival trying to run Rarity out of business, or does she genuinely mean well? How will Rarity be able to keep her business alive if things have dropped since this new store opened?

Editing credit goes to: Bluegrass Brooke and docontra! Thank you!

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