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Magic Trick · 6:43pm April 26th

Watch as I turn a 4chan post into a proper, 1000 word plus story. Can I do it? Will I one day write a story where a character DOESN'T soil themselves? For these and other exciting questions about my sanity, follow me.


...I'm lonely.

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Crap I won't put on my main account · 12:43am Mar 14th, 2018

Sunset strode through the halls of this mysterious new place. An institute of learning, quite clearly. A grumble told her that her strange, apelike (evolving from apes? Bizarre!) stomach needed to eat. This species probably ate bananas or something.

Unfortunately, she had no money. A group of males had congregated around a bench, deep in conversation. (How she knew their gender she couldn't say).

She cleared her throat. "I'll suck your dick for some food."

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