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Another Update · 12:48pm Mar 17th, 2016

Been contemplating a Starlight Glimmer/Twilight Sparkle short (not a shipping fic), which would yet again not be one of the story ideas I've posted about awhile back. It would have a semi-tragic ending. Working title 'Duality'

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Where I've Been · 2:24am Feb 23rd, 2016

Well, that's an odd blog title, considering some people only post blogs once in a blue moon and others post like every few days. By my standard though with how much time I spend on this site it's been pretty long though.

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Story Ideas: The Emperor Strikes Back · 10:58pm Nov 30th, 2015

So I just pushed through the second chapter of ABitHiW2PiaB. There'll be two more chapters to it I believe, and that'll be the end of that saga. With that, however, four of the six story ideas from my last blog have been written or are being written, while Phantasmare will probably be my next FIMfic (once I find a muse/proofreader to bounce ideas off of), so a fresh round of new ideas.

Pipsqueak vs Flash Sentry

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Story Ideas and Updates · 6:21am Nov 9th, 2015

So I updated SETA today. The current segment will last another one or two chapters, then I can move on to the next set of characters. The writing pace for this will probably be slow-burning.

Some of the other ideas I have, some of a one-shot nature, others not...

Dust in the Wind

One-shot. Following 'Tanks for the Memories', Lightning Dust confronts and comforts Rainbow Dash. Part call-out fic, part friendship fic.

Maud Pie is Evil

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[no title] · 4:22pm Oct 11th, 2015

I guess it was a good thing I decided to write out the plot idea I had for The End of Cutie Marks before this week's episode.

So I was intending to wait until the second half of the season releases on Netflix to watch it since Netflix actually has decent volume on its episodes, but I bit the bullet and watched Crusaders of the Lost Mark.

First off: the face of nightmares!

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5.82 million words and counting, New One-Shots in the Process · 5:14pm Sep 18th, 2015

A million words knocked off my Read For Later list in a month. It's actually more than that, since I keep adding more and more every time I see something to read :fluttercry:

A couple of One-Shots I have planned and partially worked on:

What if, upon hearing about the events of Lesson Zero, Trixie decided for a more subtle revenge upon Twilight Sparkle and her friends?


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6.82 million words and counting · 5:48am Aug 21st, 2015

On my Read for Later list, that is. For fiction I can typically read over 30k words per hour, but since I like to leave comments on every chapter I read that slows me down a lot.

Some fics no doubt I'll read the first chapter or two and strike from my RFL list, but others I'll end up reading all the way through, which leaves me with a lot of reading to do! Still, considering I'm catching up on four years of fics written by the fandom, that's actually not that bad for a backlog I think.

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