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I'm a little bad at making fanfictions. I also read Spike shippings too...

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Twilight and the rest of her friends were given on a mission of a friendship problem here in Equestria. Since they left, Starlight felt like she was alone again, on her own for now. She couldn't stop worrying about Twilight if she's in danger here, or worse, maybe trapped forever. Starlight felt upset in the moment until a certain dragon came here to cheer her up to soothe all of her problems away. After the dragon's comfort to Starlight, she strangely began to have strong feelings for him.

Cover art by: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19661913/

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This'll be my first fiction or episode of my series called Blitzee

Blitzee here is my first OC who came in my imagination, making sorts of episodes with The Mane 6 and one of my OCs.


Queen Chrysalis' henchman Blackstone, was ordered to take over the Crystal Empire, and once again the Crystal Heart was hidden. All crystal ponies were panicking at the assault of Blackstone. Shining and Cadence can't defend themselves without 'them'. The Mane 6 along with Spike quickly hurried off to save the Crystal Empire once more at the hooves of Blackstone. Somewhere at the empire, a mysterious stallion with great and amazing powers along with his mysterious friend came here to find the true meaning of this world where Equestria is bound to live in with, will he know about the true meaning of this world by saving the Crystal Empire in jeopardy?

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This is my first FlutterSpike fanfic, so I hope I can do it well.

Spike attempts to buy a perfect gift to Rarity, so he can tell his feelings for him one more time. Fluttershy may have a crush on Spike since the day they bump each other once. So she couldn't help it but to confess her feelings to Spike so she may have a chance of having a cute dragon like Spike. But the big problem is that, she's extremely nervous that she might predict that something is going to happen. Will she confess her feelings to Spike, before it's too late?

Well, we'll find out in the story.

Cover art by: http://spikeshipping.deviantart.com/art/Such-A-Sweet-Dragon-415172602

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