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The Quidam

A man without a head, carrying an umbrella and a bowler hat. Quidam is said to be the embodiment of both everyone and no one at the same time.

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“ This mysterious mech produces different powers depending on its pilot. Kirby's Copy Ability power has transformed it into a shape-shifting copy robot!”
— Kirby: Planet Robobot —


Haltmann Works Company. An Intergalactic Corporation that wished to reactivate [Star Dream] and achieve infinite prosperity through a plot called the Mechanizing Occupation Project. They produced a vast number of Invader Armors to help them achieve their goal. Possibly hundreds, if not thousands of these were built to harvest planets to obtain their resources and technology.

Yet this is the story of one: [Unit Model# I-7090]. One mech that would have remained unremarkable were it not for the change in status quo that occurred when he encountered the inhabitant of Popstar named Kirby. From there he became so much more:

The one who made a friend in a little pink life form.
The one who went against his programing to assist him in his adventure to save his planet.
The one who helped him to face a menagerie of menaces and puzzles to reach his goal.
And the one who after the final battle, said goodbye in the only way he could.

Perhaps he was willing to stay adrift in space until time itself ended, but what if he ended up on another planet, where the ultimate source of prosperity was a magical resource called friendship?

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In many realms across time and space, there was a wedding interrupted in a place called Canterlot. The perpetrator of this crime was a changeling queen named Chrysalis. In one such instance in the multiverse, it was interrupted for reasons beyond obtaining power. For this is a story in which a Changeling Queen Chrysalis found love, lost it, but was willing to risk it all to regain it.
It is also a tale in which a queen of insatiable hunger met someone who could understand her unrequited starvation. In this world, there was another reason a Changeling Queen would risk everything on an invasion of a Solar God's capital. For what could be make a more perfect day than to have her perfect mate? After all, is it really greedy when it is said all is fair in love and war?
(Can you guess the crossover elements?)

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Ethan McIntyre was a young man with aspirations to become an actor, stage magician, and/or special effects artist. So who else should he go to a convention as, but the special effects based supervillain, Mysterio! (The Animated One, because comic books ruined him like they did everything else!)
How could a purchase from a mysterious merchant lead to him being transported into a world of magic in which the inhabitants believe him to be a powerful sorcerer with villainous intentions?
Can Ethan pull of the part of a lifetime and fool the world into believing his abilities are not all just the super-tech versions of smoke and mirrors? Or will he fall before he finds the reason why he was displaced into such a strange turn of events? And will he stick to the moral compass he always followed, or lose his way to the temptation that comes from his new found role?

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