Editor WANTED!!! · 1:29am Apr 18th, 2018

I need someone to edit a document that I have on Google Docs & said document is used to record an RP that I run on Facebook. All you have to do is find spelling errors & correct them. Also, you MUST be able to speak, read & write English, otherwise you'll probably make the document worse.

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How to tell if an Ace Attorney/MLP fan fic is terrible. · 2:23pm Apr 2nd, 2018

1) When you read it & you see that the writter has obscenely horrible grammar skills (this is usually a sign of a bad fanfic in general if you're a stickler for grammar)
2) When the pony being defended in court is accused of regicide & the punishment is "banishment to the sun", which is obviously another way of saying "if you're found guilty, you will be executed by being fried by the sun when you get there".

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Zapdos or Gyarados? · 1:58am Mar 19th, 2018

Anyone ever seen a Zapdos or Gyrados before? Cause I've got some interesting pics of them. If anyone wants to see them, just reply to this blog & I will show you these images.

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Anon-a-Miss... · 7:30pm Feb 15th, 2018

I tried to look up Anon-a-Miss fanfics here & I got some fanfis that weren't related to the Anon-a-Miss incident from the EQG Holiday Special comic along with ones that were related to it!!! We need a tag for the Anon-a-Miss fanfics!!! Who's with me on this?

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YouTube... · 6:41pm Oct 14th, 2017

Is anyone here aware of how some episodes are released on YouTube before they've aired on TV? Cause I'm DEFINITELY aware of that & that means that those who are aware of this occurrence can use it to their advantage by being some of the first to watch the episodes BRFORE they've had a chance to be aired on TV. I happen to be one of those people on the Internet that takes advantage of using YouTube to watch new episodes before they've aired on TV. I've already seen today's episode & every

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