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Sick of seeing Rainbow Dash lazing around in her apple orchard, Applejack bets that the pegasus couldn't last a full year working the land, a challenge Rainbow refuses to back down from. As the seasons pass though, the two ponies find their friendship growing stronger as they spend time working together, through good times and bad. While the days grow shorter and cooler, the two friends find that maybe they have the chance to become something a little more.

Inspired by the song Ballad of Autumn Dreams by TarbyRocks. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhfe6uoy6NA) Themes and title used with the artist's permission.

(A/N: I am currently in the process of revising the current chapters, so Autumn has been put on hold for now. Sorry to those who are looking forward to the update, but I feel this will lead to a better story.)

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During a party celebrating the anniversary of Nightmare Moon's defeat, an unexpected letter from the princess turns Twilight Sparkle's entire world upside down, leaving her to try and find meaning in a life that she now knows has been nothing but a lie.

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