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Sunset Shimmer is now a regular high school girl at Canterlot High. She has friends, homework, annoyances, and a diary on her cell phone. But one day her diary starts to have its own entries but they show what will happen in the near future. Her life becomes endanger when she and 11 other people in the town are now in a game where it's kill or be killed. Winner becomes God and only one strange boy can help her (based of the anime future diary)

[ocs just because I ran out of character ideas]

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Sweetie belle goes into the everfree forest following applebloom and scootaloo when she gets separated. She finds a young changeling who is hurt and helps him. After that he stays in ponyville disguised as a new kid. But after awhile sweetie belle starts to feel something towards him but what would her sister and friends think? And why is he here?

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