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Middle aged trans women who got into the show through her kids.

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Happy Holidays · 6:14am Dec 24th, 2017

Hi gals and guys. Just stopping by to wish you all happy holidays (as the title suggests). I've been enjoying my break. I haven't written anything since I finished The Goddess Saga. Part of me likes it, part of me doesn't. I haven't found a place yet to post TF fanfic to yet. I found general sites but was hoping for a place like this - fandom specific and not a Wal Mart type site ( "Yeah over here we got yer Marvel super heroes, there's your DC, Image over there, He-Man's here, G.I. Joe; heck

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It's Echo. Send U characters for my abusive story ideas in PM.

Send me PM.

2242558 Hey , send U PM , today.

Check it out.

I send U PM.

Check it.

2242558 do you know when you're going to do it, not rushin' just askin', heh rushin' without the g it sounds like Russian.... i'm getting off topic again

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