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I've been... productive? · 9:06pm Nov 19th, 2015

Two fics from me in the space of five days? Is it happening? Am I becoming... productive? :pinkiegasp:

And the thing is, I might be! I've another fic on the way, which I could theoretically have up in the next few days... if this productive streak keeps going, that is. I make no promises. :moustache:

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2019361 Ah ok, gotcha. ;)

2019359 Not all people do it, some even say please don't thank me for following you or favoriting your stories". But I do it to give people praise. :P

Edit: NP to the late thank you


2019345 Hehe, no problem.

Is it customary to thank people for a follow? If it is, then here's a late thank you for following me! ^w^

2019337 Oh, and thanks for the follow. :3

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