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Hi a standard brony gamer who likes a lot of different stuff star wars, pokemon etc.


Elder John Quinton, the leader of the Templars of Steel Equestrian Wasteland Chapter and descendant of a member of the Knights Templar will bring order and justice to the Equestrian Wasteland with the help of God. He will eliminate the Raiders, Red Eye, the Grand Pegasus Enclave and all the threats to the Wasteland. He will spread God's teachings across the Multiverse with his troops and friends by his side while keeping the armies of Hell at bay and prevent them from spreading across the Multiverse.

Yes, I just made a new story. If you're thinking why? My mind just won't stop making new ideas.
Warning: Contains Christian themes and hate comments will be deleted
Constructive Criticism is allowed

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For four thousand years a legend has been told of how the first dragons got their fire. Little did they know the legend is true. Five thousand years ago a being took residence in the Draconian Mountains. It called itself Yolstrun, a Fire Elemental. Dragons tried to drive it out, but failed. The Elemental seeing as they had no defense mechanism for protecting themselves pitied them and gave them the gift of fire. With this new found ability they were feared throughout the land. The Royal Sisters, Celestia and Luna, leaders of the ponies have had enough of them and used the Elements of Harmony to seal the Elemental inside the Volcano of Goraag, Capital of the Dragons. With their leader defeated the dragons were scattered throughout the lands and turned into mindless beasts, except for those who remained faithful to their leader and stayed in the mountains. Now the seal they put on the volcano is weakening and the monster they thought was gone forever is returning.

Hey guys Draco here. Other tags include Sci-Fi(You'll see why). Here's a new story for you guys and this time it's part of a series of books I'll be doing in time. So enjoy the story guys. If anybody wants to be my editor just PM me and we'll see how things go. Constructive criticism is allowed, but no hate comments

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Matt was just an ordinary guy going to Comic-Con cosplaying as his OC Jedi, Aaz, a half Arkanian Dragon and Human. When he buys a pair of metal wings that look like his OC's from a shady merchant he gets transported to the Star Wars universe and has to relive his OC's life and eventually discover Equus in the depths of wild space.

Set during the Clone Wars. If anybody wants to be my editor or proofreader PM me.

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The land of Equestria but a husk of its former happy self. Celestia rules with an iron hoof, Luna is in the sun and the elements of harmony never existed. In the Canterlot Mines, a statue of a human clad in the armor made from the scales of a great beast sits there. What Celestia doesn't know is that the being inside is still alive biding his time. That being is me, Krieger von Gerechtigkeit, I will soon break out and Celestia shall pay for all the crimes she has done. For I am her RETRIBUTION!

Co-written withSolphestus.
If you'd like to suggest anything just say it in the comments or PM me. Krieger von Gerechtigkeit translates to Warrior of Justice. If anybody wants their OC in this PM me.

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So you've heard of people disappearing right? Well I'm one of those people. Ever since I bought those raptor eggs, a model of the bike I'm in Equestria working to find my way home and look for my brother somewhere out there in the Multiverse, while I keep Equestria safe from Rulons

This is a crossover between Jurassic World, Dino-Riders and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Warning: This is a Displaced Story
I do not own any of these

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