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2316504 No problem. I do have a tendency to leave that kind of impression. Keeping track of 60+ (and occasionally growing) shelves can be a bit tiresome on my end as well.

Thank for adding my story to your bookshleves!

(I thought fimfiction glitched when I saw al those notifications :twilightoops:)

2206520 Ahhh, yeah that is a bit of a FAQ, but I am glad to say that there will in fact be a full story for What Am I?, I just haven't gotten around to writing it yet. Also, don't worry about silly things like that, I love answering your guys questions!

Thanks for the follow and my apologies if this is asked a lot but I was wondering if there is going to be a full story of "What am I?".

2190746 Maybe you are, maybe you aren't. That's something for you to decide.

Thanks for the follow, but why me? i mean, i'm nothing special.

2174940 Heh, not a problem! I'm glad to please! Anyways, I will have to say, I loved that story. And you yourself have a lovely day!

Whoa-ho-ho. Those notifications, though. I definitely wasn't expecting that today.

I'm thrilled that you enjoyed my story so much! Have a great day! :D

2168271 Ah no problem, honestly I'm going to be reading the S**T out of it. ...Why did I censor that?

P.S. The record is 15

Thanks for adding The Iron Horse to your bookshelf. Well, 12 different bookshelves. God daaaaaaaaaang! :pinkiegasp:

But seriously, thanks. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 62 - 71 of 71
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