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Princess Celestia kept her a secret. Even through she almost ended Equestria. The pony who created Dark Magic. Who invented it. And now? She's back, but don't worry! All she wants is for ponies to let her play the villain. Somba's sister is an Anticorn, see....
....I suck. If you have suggestions, feel free. I probably need it. Just know, I wanna ship her with Twilight. I'm putting my hoof down on this and other things that are gonna occur to me at a later date. Comments are encouraged. I'm planning on adding tags as they come, but I did guess some stuff. This story, other than what I already stated, is Comment Driven!

I suck at keeping them from going OOC.

As a notification, I'm looking for a cover image. Anypony got art skills and an Interpretation of Amber, please show me. Thank you for bothering to read what I wrote.

I might imply sex. Don't worry, I'm not gonna even let myself show you the actual sex.

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